Playground Information

Our Mission -
Our mission is to create a safe and accessible all-inclusive outdoor playground that fosters imaginative play and developmental learning where all children can play side-by-side in an environment of acceptance and understanding of differences.

Who we are -
The Woodbridge Community Playground Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit that was formed in 2009 to partner with the town of Woodbridge to help raise funds for the construction of a community playground for children of all ages and ability levels.

The Town of Woodbridge received a generous $200,000 bond from the state to make this community playground possible. Pease Place, located at the Woodbridge Athletic Fields on Pease Road, is expected to be built in Spring 2014. Pease Place will be the first playground in Woodbridge, CT to accommodate children with physical, sensory or developmental disabilities.  The playground will feature play structures for toddlers and older children (each configured to support age appropriate development), inclusive swings, accessible pathways and surfacing, and elevated sand tables and activity panels enabling children of all abilities to play together.

The Woodbridge Community Playground plans on enlisting the support of the Woodbridge Garden Club, the local Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scout troops of Woodbridge to help with the playground's gardens and related horticultural projects.

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